Nick Jonas goes Solo

STAND & DELIVER  photo | Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers is going solo! He has started a band called Nick Jonas and the Administration. Their first single “Who I Am” come out on iTunes on December 2nd. Last night they performed at the Grammy’s nomination concert. Nick Jonas and the Administrations album, Who I Am, will be released on Febuary 2. Their tour starts Jan. 2!



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What’s Her Best Hair?

Everyone loves to change their hairstyle and sometimes it doesn’t turn out to great! In this blog I’m going to show you which hair style I think the celebrity looks better in!

Emma Roberts

EMMA ROBERTS photo | Emma Roberts

Brunette or Blond?

My choice is brunette for sure! It makes her look older!

*People’s choice is brunette.

Katharine McPhee

KATHARINE MCPHEE photo | Katharine McPhee

Swept back or short layers?

My choice is swept back!

*People’s choice is swept back!

Kellie Pickler

KELLIE PICKLER photo | Kellie Pickler

Blonde or Red?

My choice is Blonde!

*People’s choice is Blonde!

Kristin Stewart

KRISTEN STEWART photo | Kristen Stewart

Short or Flipped?

My choice is short!

*People’s choice is short!


FERGIE photo | Fergie

No bangs or bangs?

My choice is no bangs for sure!

People’s choice is no bangs!


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Winter Must-Haves!

Here’s what are the winter must-haves for this year according to!

1. Sequin Cardigans

SEQUIN CARDIGANS photo | Lauren Conrad

2. Gray Leather Jackets

GRAY LEATHER JACKETS photo | Audrina Patridge


HOUNDSTOOTH photo | Blake Lively

4. Over the knee boots

OVER-THE-KNEE BOOTS photo | Penélope Cruz

5. Leopard- print scarves


6. Strong-shoulder blazers

STRONG-SHOULDER BLAZERS photo | Sarah Jessica Parker

7. Lace Tights

LACE TIGHTS photo | Taylor Swift

8. Fuzzy Coats

FUZZY COATS photo | Sienna Miller

9. Statement belts

STATEMENT BELTS photo | Carrie Underwood

10. Slouchy beanies

SLOUCHY BEANIES photo | Ashley Tisdale

11. Suiting dresses

SUITING DRESSES photo | Zoe Saldana

Comment back and tell me what you think about these upcoming trends!

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Celebrity Best Looks

Some people look better with a natural look and some look better with a glamour look! Here are some photos from of stars and I’m going to tell you what I think their best look is!

Jessica Alba

  • // <![CDATA[
    // ]]>JESSICA ALBA photo | Jessica Alba
  • Nude lips or red lips?
  • My choice is red!
  • *People’s choice was red!

    Leona Lewis

    LEONA LEWIS photo | Leona Lewis

    Light pink or Fushia lips?

    My choice is Fushia!

    *People’s choice is Light pink.

    Leighton Meester

    LEIGTHON MEESTER  photo | Best Look, Leighton Meester

    Heavy or Light makeup?

    My choice is light makeup for sure!

    *People’s choice is light makeup.

    Lauren Conrad

    LAUREN CONRAD  photo | Best Look, Lauren Conrad

    Natural or Glam makeup?

    I think that she looks good both ways, but I prefer natural.

    *People’s choice is natural.

    Taylor Swift

    Red or Nude lips?

    My choice is red, though she looks great both ways!

    *People’s choice is nude!

    Ellen Page

    Fresh-faced or glamorous?

    My choice is fresh- faced!

    *People’s choice is fresh-faced.

    Jenne Garth

    JENNIE GARTH photo | Best Look, Jennie Garth

    Light or Glam makeup?

    My choice is light!

    *People’s choice is light makeup.

    Kristin Bell

    KRISTEN BELL photo | Best Look, Kristen Bell

    Light makeup or Dark liner?

    My choice is dark liner!

    *People’s choice is dark liner.

    Ashley Tisdale

    ASHLEY TISDALE photo | Best Look, Ashley Tisdale

    Soft eyes or Dark liner?

    My choice is soft eyes!

    *People’s choice is soft eyes.

    Ashley Green

    ASHLEY GREENE photo | Best Look, Ashley Greene

    Nude or Coral lips?

    I think that she looks pretty with both colors, but I like coral the best.

    *People’s choice is coral lips.

    Comment back with your favorites!




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    2009 AMA’s Red Carpet

    The AMA’s were on November 20, here are my best dressed list of the night!


    SELENA GOMEZ photo | Selena Gomez

    #1 Selena Gomez- I love the sequins!

    DEMI LOVATO photo | Demi Lovato

    #2 Demi Lovato- She looks very pretty! I kinda wish she had woren a different color!

    KATE HUDSON photo | Kate Hudson

    #3 Kate Hudson

    CARRIE UNDERWOOD photo | Carrie Underwood

    #4 Carrie Underwood- She looks so cute in this dress! Great choice for her!

    JENNIFER LOPEZ photo | Jennifer Lopez

    #5 Jennifer Lopez

    These are all of the cute dresses that I saw! There weren’t too many!


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    John Mayer

    At the moment my new obsession is John Mayer!! I love his music and I’m excited about his new CD that just came out! The CD is called Battle Studies! My favorite songs from the album are: Half of My Heart ft. Taylor Swift, Who Says, and Heartbreak Warfare. My favorite of his older songs are: Why Georgia, Free Fallin’, Daughters, Dreaming With A Broken Heart, Heart of Life, and Gravity. Everyone should go buy his new CD and his old CDs! He’s a great sing! I hopefully I get to go to his concert when he comes to Oklahoma! (:

    Comment back and tell me your favorite John Mayer song!


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    Team Jacob or Team Edward?

    Am I Team Jacob or Team Edward? That’s the question I keep asking myself after seeing New Moon! I saw the movie twice this weekend and still can not decide! Edward is so romantic and cute, but he leaves. Jacobs there to help Bella! He’s so sweet and also cute! I’m undecided on my team! I’m in love with both of them! It makes me want to read the books again! Everyone needs to see the movie it was AMAZING!

    Comment back and Tell me if your Team Edward or Team jacob and why!
    Also if you saw the movie tell me what you thought!


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