Fashion Trends


  *Today I’m going to share with you the fashion trends I see going on at my school!*

TOP TRENDS: (as of right now)

1. Bows on and off headbands- favoriteee!

2. Skinny Jeans

3. Pocketed and non- pocketed Polos! (in bright colors!)

4. Cute scandals and plain flip-flops

5. High- waisted skirts

6. Belts with skirts, dresses, and even jeans

7. Shirts tucked- in.

8. Floral print

9.  and of course V-necks!


Comment on this blog and tell me your favorites! And  tell me the trends at your school, and maybe I’ll put them in my next blog! (:




  1. denata12 said

    I like the V-necks, the skinny jeans, the bright colors, and the cute sandals and flip-flops but I don’t really do the tucked in shirts.Well, I might change my mind in the future but I don’t as of right now.
    ps. cute blog

    • Carter C said

      ali, i like your blog. Thanks for the great fashion advice!


  2. alinicole said

    Those are some of my favorites too! I don’t really like the tucked in shirts either!
    And thanks!


  3. alinicole said

    thanks carter! What are your favorites?


  4. Carter C said

    uhmm my favorites would have to be belts with dresses, skirts, and even shirts!!! I certainly like all of those… EVEN TUCKED IN SHIRTS. but that is just me. I like your blog and you are making great progress on this page! way to go als:)

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