Celebrity Fashion!

Hi Bloggers! In my last blog I shared some fashion trends in my school! Today I’m going to show you some of my favorite celebrities styles and outfits. Many celebrities have weird styles, but most give us a guide on what to buy and how to dress. Most of their clothes are way to expensive for us to buy, but we can find ways to create the looks for cheaper prices. Miley Cyrus is one of my favorite celebrities to look at for fashion ideas! There will probably be a lot of pictures of her, hehe. Here are some pictures of my favorite outfits:

MILEY'S FAVORITE DENIM  photo | Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus looks really cute in this outfit. The shirt is my favorite! It is very bright, colorful, and has a cute pattern!

MILEY CYRUS  photo | Miley Cyrus    

Okay last picture of Miley! I love her skirt! She makes this outfit dresses, but casual. The necklaces and bracelets make a nice touch! 

SELENA GOMEZ photo | Selena Gomez

This look is simple and sophisticated! The belt ties the dress together with the shoes!

TAYLOR SWIFT photo | Taylor Swift

I love the silver designs on Taylor Swift white dress! This dress is so cute! I wish I had it! (:

Okay well here are a couple of styles! Comment back and tell me your favorites! If you would like for me to show more celebrities styles comment back and tell me the celebrity you would like to see next! P.S. Pictures are from People.com! 




  1. Jessica S said

    cute outfits 🙂

  2. Estelle said

    Miley looks cute

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