Taylor Swift!




On September 27th I went to the Taylor swift concert in Oklahoma! It was absolutely amazing! Since I love her and loved her concert so much, I’m going to write a blog about her!

First off, I’m going to talk about the concert! My seats were right next to the stage! I could see her so clearly. The special guests of the night were Gloriana and Kellie Pickler. I didn’t really enjoy Gloriana, but I liked Kellie Pickler! My favorite song of her’s is “Best Days of Your Life”.  It’s a great song! If you haven’t heard it you need to listen to it! After the guests sang, Taylor came out finally! I was freaking out! She came out in a band uniform and sang “You Belong with Me”. Here are a list of some of the songs she sang:

You Belong with Me, Our Song, Teardrop on My Guitar, Tim McGraw, Fifteen, Hey Stephen, Picture to Burn, Should’ve Said No, Forever and Always, You Not Sorry, Tell Me Why, and more!

I love all of her songs! I probably know every word to all of her songs, which is kind of sad. (; It’s hard for me to pick which one was my favorite to see her perform, but if I’d have to choose I would say Should’ve Said No, Forever and Always, and Tell Me Why. On Forever and Always it was like she was in an interview then she got up and threw the car off the top level of the stage! It was hilarous! Her last song of the night was Should’ve Said No! She was under rain and the spelled out no during the part of the song when she says, “Noooo, nooo, no, no, no, no!” It was really cool! You can tell that she really loves her fans because during “Hey Stephen” and “Tim McGraw” she went through crowd hugging people! It was very nice of her to do.

She gave a lot of speeches about love and life. She is a great role model for kids! She is my role model!

Here are some pictures and videos from the internet! These are not ones I took at the concert, but I will put mine up in another blog soon!

TAYLOR SWIFT  photo | Taylor Swift

BELLE OF THE BALL photo | Taylor Swift

MUSICAL MAJORETTE photo | Taylor Swift

ROCK ON photo | Taylor Swift

HAIR-RAISER photo | Taylor Swift



Comment back and tell me you favorite T-Swift song!





  1. Carter C said

    That was a very good and detailed blog ali! I liked the whole think and really enjoyed reading it! I bet it was amazing, and i enjoyed reading about your personal thoughts. Keep up the good work.

    p.s. I love taylor too! She has so much talent and is seems so normal considering she is soooo famous!

    • alinicole said

      Thank you so much! The concert was so much fun and I really enjoyed. Wish you were there concert buddy.

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