Clothes You Love!

Most of the time you have that one article of clothing that you love to wear! Sometimes you think “is it okay to wear this more than once?”. Well of course it is! Many stars wear their favorite things a lot! Here are some examples from

SIMDOG TANK photo | Melanie Brown

In these photos, Mel B is wearing the same tank top, but in different ways! She dresses it up and down, by putting it with a pencil skirt and even jeans and tennis shoes!

JIMMY CHOO PURSE  photo | Rachel Bilson

As you can tell Rachel Bilson loves her red Jimmy Choo purse! Purses can be worn  with a lot of stuff! It’s different to wear purses more than it is clothes!

GERARD DAREL MAXI photo | Angelina Jolie

In these photos, you can tell that Angelina Jolie loves to wear this black maxi dress! She puts it with a sweater and flip flops and she can go shopping, play with her kids, or just go for a walk. I wouldn’t wear this dress that much because you can really change the look, so it looks exactly the same.

WILDFOX T-SHIRT  photo | Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens loves her Wildfox t-shirt. She changed the pant color everytime as you can tell in the photo above. She wore it with jeans, black jeand, and then brown! It’s good to mix!

Wearing things more than twice is not a bad thing! You just need to change the look a bit to give it a different flare of style! I really love my Jcrew jeans! I wear them a ton, but I change the look!



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