Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner Dating?

Are Taylor Swift and Taylor Launter dating? That’s what’s on many teen girls mind right now! The two have many spotted together a lot lately. He has been spotted at one of her concerts, and the two were seen at a hockey game together recently. According to an article on People.com, Taylor Swift played coy when asked if the two were dating, but she would say that she definitely Team Jacob rather than Team Edward. Taylor and Taylor are also in the movie “Valentines Day” together. The movie will probably come out sometime in February! I guess we will just have to wait and see if the two are really a couple!




  1. Mr. Steelman said

    Do you realize that if Taylor Swift MARRIES Taylor Lautner and takes his name as is marriage tradition…they will BOTH be named Taylor Lautner? 🙂

    • alinicole said

      Wow I never thought about that until you said that! haha

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