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What’s Her Best Hair?

Everyone loves to change their hairstyle and sometimes it doesn’t turn out to great! In this blog I’m going to show you which hair style I think the celebrity looks better in!

Emma Roberts

EMMA ROBERTS photo | Emma Roberts

Brunette or Blond?

My choice is brunette for sure! It makes her look older!

*People’s choice is brunette.

Katharine McPhee

KATHARINE MCPHEE photo | Katharine McPhee

Swept back or short layers?

My choice is swept back!

*People’s choice is swept back!

Kellie Pickler

KELLIE PICKLER photo | Kellie Pickler

Blonde or Red?

My choice is Blonde!

*People’s choice is Blonde!

Kristin Stewart

KRISTEN STEWART photo | Kristen Stewart

Short or Flipped?

My choice is short!

*People’s choice is short!


FERGIE photo | Fergie

No bangs or bangs?

My choice is no bangs for sure!

People’s choice is no bangs!



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