Last night (Monday, October 12) I went to the Miley Cyrus concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was the most intense concert I’ve been to! The opening act was Metro Station. Miley’s older brother Trace Cyrus is in the band, along with Mason Musso who is Mitchel Musso’s older brother. I don’t know very many Metro Station songs, but I liked Kelsey, 17 Forever, and Shake It! I have to say Trace Cyrus is a little odd. Over all Metro Station did good!

After Metro Station was finished it was time for MILEY CYRUS! She opened the concert with the song Breakout! She literally broke out of an ice cube. 🙂 (Well actually the door just opened, but it was a cool idea!) She then sang Start All Over, then Bottom of the Ocean! Miley sang Simple Song, Obsessed, Kicking and Screaming, Party in the USA, Let’s Get Crazy, GNO, When I Look at You, These Four Walls, Fly on the Wall, See You Again, The Climb, Spotlight, and more! She also did a cover of “I Love Rock and Roll” while riding on a motorcycle fly above the crowd! Before she sang When I Look at You she showed the trailer for her ew movie coming out soon “The Last Song.” She changed her outfit many times! She is quite the dancer…….haha. I really enjoyed the concert, but it was inappropriate for the little kids that the name “Miley Cyrus’ attracts to the concerts. She was dancing on ropes and not appropriately for little kids. She also sang the song Hovering with Trace.

You could tell that she took a lot of time planning special things for the concert. She flew over the crowd, she drove a car, and she even did the Thriller. My favorite songs were: These Four Walls, When I Look at You, Kicking and Screaming, and Party in the USA! I really enjoyed the whole concert but those were a few of my favorites! I would love to go to another concert!!! I had so much fun with my friends!


comment back and tell me if you’ve been to a concert or if you are going to one!




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  1. Carter C said

    i agree it was SOOO INTENSE ALI NICOLE.
    I had a great time at the concert as well! I really liked These Four Walls, When I Look at You, Party In The USA, and 7 Things.
    I love MIley Cyrus, and you!

    annnd.. a concert that I WILL be going to soon is TAYLOR SWIFT.. righhhht? 😉

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